Composer / Musician

Film and TV composer with plenty of experience in composition, arrangement, music production and performance. He has made music for a great number of television commercials, documentaries, feature films, musical theatre, theatre and dance, including for the award winning ¨Grammar of Happiness¨(FIPA Awards, Jackson Hole Science Media Awards) (Smithsonian Channel) and ¨Wild expectations¨(Animal planet), as well as for the feature film ¨A memoria que me contam¨(Brazil).

With more than fifteen years experience in the field of music for advertising, He has worked with a number of major labels including (Coca-Cola, Nestle, Walmart, Falabella, Entel, Acer, etc.)

TIn 2016 he received the Best Music for Film award at the Pulsar Awards and the Best Music for Film Award at the Festival internacional de cine de Viña del mar for music composed for the Chilean feature film ¨El Nombre¨